Infuse Infuse 4 June 2018 | Page 45

Cath Wilsen | Fit to Fight Nutrition I use Digest to: 1. Build good will. The e-newsletters I create through Digest are a great free service for my clients – and for subscribers who are not yet clients. People always like something for free. 2. Reinforce and support the strategies and advice I’m passing to my clients in sessions. 3. Get in front of my subscribers and remind them of my business and what I do. Current clients have loved the content, followed links and used the recipes. It adds to how subscribers perceive my business. Plus, considering that I have been open for business just since February this year, it adds to my credibility. My favourite feature of Digest is the overall appearance. I love the convenience of it; there is no way that I would have the time or tech expertise to put something like that together myself. I love, love, love that I can just choose four relevant articles and - BAM - away it goes! How much time Digest has saved me: Hours! Many hours! Digest is already receiving rave reviews from customers. Here are two such customers, sharing how Digest has made a difference in their marketing. We’ve had several clients email to thank us for sharing specific nutrition information. In addition, some of our current patients are discussing the content of the newsletters with our consulting dietitians in their follow-up consultations. Michelle Holt & Jaci Barrett | Diet Solutions Digest provides a great structure and format for putting together a professional piece of communication. The help, assistance and encouragement from Dietitian Connection has been fantastic. We use Digest to help our current clientele - patients, referrers and colleagues - feel more connected to our business. We share a bit about us and what is happening in nutrition research, along with the Digest-provided articles. Ready to learn more about Digest? Visit and subscribe! © Dietitian Connection 45 Infuse | June 2018