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3. Where do your ideas come from - how do you get inspired? 5. What do you consider to be your greatest success to date? My ideas come from everyday life. My mind is constantly thinking about what’s next, what I can create and what can be achieved. Of course my family comes number one in every aspect of my life. My greatest joy comes from watching them grow up into happy, balanced individuals who have the correct values that will hold them throughout their lives. I travel a great deal, and think it’s critical to have an international perspective on one’s thinking. On a business level, it’s my people: watching my staff and managers grow, and become successful. I’ve employed many tens of thousands of young people, and to watch some of them go on to greater things in life and grow as individuals gives me the greatest satisfaction. 4. You juggle so many projects and teams - can you share a time management tip to ensure you stay on top of it all? It’s very simple. I focus on things that matter. The rest is left to my fantastic management team. 6. What’s next on the horizon for the Lucas Group? I don't micro-manage; I spend all of my time thinking, and dealing with strategic decisions that make a huge difference to my business. We will continue to grow our business, and create beautiful, world-class “destination” restaurants that excite and stimulate. I see a very bright future, wh ere our restaurants continue to evolve across the country – and perhaps internationally! LEARN MORE: @chrislucasfood @chrislucasfood © Dietitian Connection 16 Infuse | June 2018