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Q A & Image courtesy of Nicole Dynan A Slice of Life: Get to Know Dietitian Nicole Dynan We profile your colleagues in nutrition, to gain inspiration and share a peek inside their lives Nicole, what five words describe you best? Connector, authentic, forward- focused, generous and action- oriented. What’s been the highlight of your career? I’ve worked as a teacher, tour guide, IT salesperson, senior manager in pharmaceuticals, and even as a waitress in London, serving Prince Edward and Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean)! But the highlight was being accepted in the USYD Master of Nutrition & Dietetics course. I was advised three days before the start of term (I think I was the last person accepted that year!), and that changed the course of my life and career. It took me six years of study to retrain (while working part-time). Today I feel like I am having a real impact where it counts and changing lives for the better. interview continues overleaf... © Dietitian Connection 17 Infuse | June 2018