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This chain of events – meeting a stranger, finding common ground and forging a relationship – is a tribute to the professionalism of Chris, who is head of the Lucas Group of acclaimed restaurants and the Sydney Morning Herald-dubbed “Melbourne Foodie King”. And so, without further ado, let’s hear from Chris, who so kindly answered our six questions on leadership. 1. Chris, you grew up in a family centred in the hospitality industry. What did you learn along the way that inspired you to go into the restaurant business? My inspiration came from my father, who was a chef, and my four uncles, who were all chefs, as well. In my family, cooking and running restaurants was at the centre of everything. Because of this, it literally became part of my DNA, from a young age. 2. What’s your style of leadership? Leadership is simply about two key elements: • Setting an example, i.e. leading from the front. Being clear and precise with your expectations, and establishing a culture based on your core beliefs. • Being completely transparent when dealing with issues. Leaders cannot – and should not –hide, or attempt to pervert a situation. interview continues overleaf... © Dietitian Connection 15 Infuse | June 2018