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They've asked me for a proposal – how do I price myself? Believe it or not, coming up with the activities is often the easy part. Telling someone what you think you’re worth is hard, but if you keep the following factors in mind, then you can always justify the cost of your services. • Deliverables: What are the specific campaign deliverables and how much time will they take for you to complete? • Timeframe: What are the timeframes for the campaign? Does it coincide with other activities you have going on? Will this work restrict you from doing something else? • Budget: How large is the brand? What kind of budget do they have to work with? There’s no point asking a brand for money they don’t have. • Fit: Why have they chosen to work with you? What is it about your expertise that makes you unique? • Scope of work: How is the brand planning to engage with you? How are they planning to use your name, your image, and your credentials? Is there the scope to partner with them outside of Australia? • Category: How large is the category in which this brand sits? How many competitors are there in that category? How well recognised is that brand in the category? article continues overleaf... © Dietitian Connection 19 Infuse | December 2019