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I’m ready to partner . What kind of things should I do? Deliverables for brand partnerships vary depending on the brand and their objectives, but usually fall into one of these categories: • Content creation: Creating editorial, video or podcast content in conjunction with the brand. • Media outreach: Acting as a key opinion leader (KOL) on behalf of the brand. This can include serving as an expert source for a quote or media interview. • Event Activities: Attending or speaking at an event hosted by the brand or their PR agency. • Social amplification: Utilising your social media presence to drive specific messages about a brand and sometimes their products. Remember, the key to maintaining your reputation and credibility is to make sure that your expertise is always front and centre. If an activity doesn’t demonstrate your expertise then it’s time to rethink the deliverables and if this partnership is right for you. © Dietitian Connection 18 Infuse | December 2019