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Creating real Partnerships Whether you’re the expert or the brand, here are a couple of key tips for ensuring partnerships deliver value for all involved. 1 Align on philosophies and values: The last thing either group wants is to discover the other party isn’t really a fit in the middle of a campaign. Experts should develop a solid understanding of the brand’s offerings, values and key messages prior to signing on to work with them. The brand should be open to sharing information about their products and philosophies so that all parties are on the same Understand the page before the partnership broader goal: commences. Identify what the brand is trying to 2 achieve before planning out activities. Does the brand want to bring a new product to market or are they interested Identify in educating consumers about a specific deliverables: condition? Getting additional context can help you deliver more focused With (1) and (2) established, it’s and tailored solutions. time to think through how your expertise can help the brand accomplish their goals. Deliverables should focus on highlighting your expertise to drive outcomes. For example, if a brand partner has a gut health product, deliverables should incorporate gut health education in addition to the showcasing the product itself. 3 17 Infuse | December 2019