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• Reach: Do they need you to help build their brand or will the partnership help you grow yours? • Risk: How is the brand regarded by your community – peer and audience? Is there a reputational risk inherent in the association? Are they well regarded by the industry in their category, or are they a brand that people aren't really sure of? • Work reputation: Have any of your peers partnered with the brand previously? What kind of experience did they have? What did the engagement look like? • Opportunity cost: If you do this work, what can't you do and what is the opportunity cost of that? Commercial deals are not just built on dollars, but the value of the partnership. Make sure the conditions work for you as well as the brand, and that the partnership is mutually beneficial. With a thoughtful approach, partnering with brands can be an incredibly rewarding experience for all parties involved. Knowing only too well how hard it can be for up-and-coming experts to navigate the industry, we have recently launched The Academy. This program is designed for experts and professional athletes, giving them access to expert tools, mentoring and live web-based learning delivered by industry leaders and media heavyweights, where ‘partnering with brands’ is only one of the many topics we cover. Learn more about The Academy here or say [email protected] LEARN MORE: @simslstyle @simonelandes © Dietitian Connection 20 Infuse | December 2019