Infuse 3 March 2018 | Page 17

A note from Jamie: With a brand new book recently hitting the shelves, Jamie tells the readers of Infuse, in his own words, what it’s all about. “To say I’m excited about this new book, and the gorgeous TV show that goes with it, is an understatement. Not only is every recipe both quick and easy, but every single one uses just five key ingredients, cleverly combined to deliver maximum flavour, with minimum fuss. The recipes are short, and I’ve included a visual ingredients key on every recipe in the book to take you from business on one side, to gastronomic delight on the other with those all-important beauty shots. I know that quick and easy dishes are always going to go down well, but the most surprising thing for me when working on these recipes was that with only five ingredients to play with, the process became a total masterclass in restraint. And I have to say, I think this is my most approachable book and TV show yet, not just for beginners, but for great cooks too. No matter how experienced we are, being reminded to stick to fewer ingredients and let simplicity and deliciousness sing out is a wonderful thing! For me, this is about getting back to basics and empowering everyone to enjoy cooking from scratch, whatever the occasion. I’ve tried to cover all the bases: fabulous ways with proteins; bigging up brilliant veg; making salads exciting; creating stress-free, tasty fish dishes; celebrating humble pasta; and helping you kick your rice and noodle game into action. So guys, happy cooking, and please share your finished dishes using #Quickandeasyfood” #quickandeasyfood © Dietitian Connection 17 Infuse | March 2018