I-Magzz: Turkish Version Volume-III,Issue-III | Page 19

Hello everyone! My name is Ilmi. I'm new here, so please take care of me.Here, I'm going to talk about myself. I love drawing so much. I'm more into anime/manga style but I'm currently trying to draw some realistic thingy. I'm a self-taught artist. I want someone to teach me but no one in my family is interested on art haha. but I still love them anyway. –Ilmi Adha Hi!!! I Just want to share my pet Picture.His name is chiko sembiring. Sembiring is my family name.So it mean he is part of my family.Everyone in my family love him.he always know how to erase "bored" from my head.Anyways he is 1 years old now. :D – Kazia Bella Safe club is the environment club of Hopetown Girls' School situated in Dehra Dun India. The members of Safe Club have joined hands to spread awareness about environment in their peer groups so that the future generations understand that mother earth is in a critical situation and only their collective effort can make the world a better place to live in. – Ratna Kalra Hi everyone! My name is Madiha Shaliha, you can call me Madi. I was born in Subang-Indonesia, December 8th 1997, so I am 16. I'm a student of 1 Senior High School Subang. I have 2 sisters, they are Fathina(12 y.o.) and Karima(10 y.o.). My mom is a science teacher at junior high school and my daddy is a civil servant at sub-district Dawuan. – Madiha Shaliha RUSSIAN STUDENT SPEAKS Classrooms are often filled with students who come from varying backgrounds. My classmates are very friendly and joyful. We like spending time together. We believe that it is important to keep our environment clean. We like to do it, because we understand that our planet’s life depends on each of us. – Anastasia Gorshechnikova I really love this poetry to be one of my teaching materials. It gives me spirit anytime I am feeling down because of being tired or thinking that there nothing useful doing this and that. As if there’s no future. – Rika Rachmita Sujatma PAGE 15