I-Magzz: Turkish Version Volume-III,Issue-III | Page 20

ALL FOR A GOOD CAUSE Students at Cemil Alevli College have taken turns to make baked goods such as muffins and cookies. One of the two reasons for this was to raise money for charity; in particular to LOSEV, to help children with leukemia. -Erdemersoy TREE PLANTING Trees are Nature’s wonders. I cannot imagine life without oxygen. The plant world, animal world—in fact the whole world, cannot live without oxygen. Carbon dioxide makes our atmosphere and our environment poisonous for us. Trees expend this carbon dioxide and make oxygen and thereby make our environment safe for us. Trees help to reduce ozone levels in urban areas. Trees help to reduce soil erosion, help with water conservation. Trees increase biodiversity and provide habitat for wildlife. Trees filter pollution from the air, help recycle water, prevent soil less, make food for humans and wildlife. For these reasons, planting trees is an act of contributing to the future. The 21st of March was the first day of spring. GKV 9th w&FW2vV