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WHY PROFESSIONAL ACCREDITATION FINDING AN ACCREDITED COACH/MENTOR STATUS MATTERS If your short list of coaches/mentors does not have a logo like this “Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming” John Wooden When you look for the support of a professional, you usually look for someone who is an expert in their field be they a doctor, a lawyer, a driving instructor, or an accountant - you always want to choose the best! Choosing a coach/mentor training provider shouldn’t be any different. You always want to choose the best, which means choosing a coach/mentor training provider who have had their course accredited by us because they are the only ones who have had their: Facilitators and trainers personally accredited at the appropriate level for the programme; participants work with those who are industry experienced Course comprehensively reviewed to ensure that it fully meets the needs of all participants and is compliant with all the required quality elements expected Course assessed for the appropriate level of accreditation status Regularly re-accredited to ensure that the course is meeting and exceeding the requirements of all attendees Course supported by the IAPC&M’s accreditation team who can offer support and guidance to further enhance participant experiences. Only after training providers have completed their assessment and capability process do we award them their Accredited Course status. It’s this vigorous, detailed and comprehensive approach to our profession that proves our accredited training providers care about striving for excellence and supporting your needs. “I believe my experience is an all too common; when I decided to hire a coach I scouted the internet for qualified coaches I had no idea what qualifications or indeed what the criteria was for choosing a coach. So I selected someone who had a pretty official logo after their name, and thought that would suffice, so paid my money. I had no idea then that this wasn’t any official endorsement whatsoever! Now I’m a coach myself, I know full well the difference between an accredited and unaccredited coach, including the high price this lesson meant to me. “ Gio Gregory IAPC&M - Accredited Practitioner Coach