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WHY WE ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT PROTECTING YOUR RIGHTS Being IAPC&M accredited is an integral part of building my coaching business. My clients can immediately see that: I care about them and their welfare because I have W e believe that everyone has the right to be protected from non-accredited coaches, mentors and training providers (there is a separate downloadable leaflet about choosing a coach/mentor). So, we believe that every coach, mentor and coach/mentor training provider must be accredited in order to practice for the safe well-being of the public. invested time, money and energy in developing my coaching journey, and my profession My accreditation offers an extra level of assurance because I’ve been recognised Established in 2004 as ECI Accreditation Limited, and most as being a high standard recently recognised as the IIC&M, we are an independent coach by my industry not-for-profit organisation, run by coaches and mentors for the benefit of coaches, mentors and training providers around Accreditation cements my the world.  Accreditation is our only business, that’s what reputation as an expert in my makes us an authority on accrediting individuals and service field providers in our industry.  We don’t have our own training course to plug, and we are not driven by shareholders.  My practice is professionally Therefore, our sole focus is to make sure every single step of monitored and supported by the accreditation process directly benefits our members. the IAPC&M Ultimately, everything we do is aimed at protecting everyone to get best out of their experience. They can complain to the IAPC&M in the unlikely event “It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained” they are not satisfied. Finally, accreditation holds me accountable, it keeps me on my Queen Elizabeth II toes to retain a high standard of coaching, plus it’s an incredibly useful differentiator when talking to prospective clients”. Adele McCormack