How to Choose Your Coach-Mentor Training Provider How to Choose Your Coach-Mentor Training Provider_ | Page 6

BENEFITS OF ADDING COACHING/MENTORING TO YOUR SKILL SET A popular quote is “Our Quality of Life Depends on the Quality of Our Communications” and that’s one of the key benefits of adding coaching/mentoring to your skill set because when you improve the quality of your communication, your personal and professional life also improve. Benefits typically cited: Improved career prospects Increased networking opportunities A rewarding and fulfilling experience Enhancing your professional skills, knowledge and competence There is a growing demand for professional coaches and mentors Coaching/mentoring makes a difference to people’s lives (when done well). Generates improvements in individuals' performance/targets/goals 84% Increased openness to personal learning and development 60% Helps identify solutions to specific work-related issues 58% Greater ownership and responsibility 52% Developing self-awareness 42% Improves specific skills or behaviour 38% Greater clarity in roles and objectives 37% Corrects behaviour/performance difficulties 33%