HCBA Lawyer Magazine Vol. 30, No. 5 | Page 24

M E E T T H E J U D G E S by Lyndsey E. Siara – Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Continued from page 21 criminal hearing before former Judge Debra Behnke. Allan came to her rescue by appearing pro hac vice, with the permission of the client, the State, and the judge, and despite not being a criminal attorney, he was a great stand-in. Over the years, they would collaborate on cases; Allan was her sounding board. Allan also became Judge Tesche Arkin’s campaign advisor — she even modeled her campaign sticker after his. Allan loved Tampa and its Cuban sandwiches and cigars, and to this day, there is a steady stream of family and friends that travel between the Anchorage B&B and Tampa. Before running for judge, then-attorney Tesche Arkin was in private practice doing mostly criminal defense work, along with some estate planning, contracts, and bankruptcy. While in law school, she spent a summer at the Department of Probation and then the New York City Mayor’s Office. Uncertain of her next move, the new graduate saw a brochure essentially touting “Come to Miami and Work for Janet Reno.” Intrigued, Judge Tesche Arkin took a chance, moved South, and became 22 an Assistant State Attorney under the woman who would become the first female and second-longest serving United States Attorney General. Those five years as an ASA were formative and landed her new roles at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Maine followed by private practice in Key West. Realizing the weather was better down South, Judge Tesche Arkin took her next chance by moving to Tampa and becoming an Assistant Public Defender under Julianne Holt. Judge Tesche Arkin had traveled all over the world, but Tampa soon became her chosen home. While on the bench, Judge Tesche Arkin has circulated through several divisions. The felony division was very natural for her, given her background as a criminal defense attorney. There were challenging times of course. She recalled a five-month pill mill RICO trial — what she understands is still the longest state court trial in this Circuit. It was that experience, and the toll it took on her mind and body, that led her to care deeply about judicial wellness and mindfulness. She later taught a course at the Continued on page 23 M AY - J U N E 2 0 2 0 | HCBA LAWYER