HCBA Lawyer Magazine Vol. 30, No. 5 | Page 25

M E E T T H E J U D G E S by Lyndsey E. Siara – Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Continued from page 22 Florida Circuit Court conference on the topic. Judge Tesche Arkin found great joy in the Juvenile Delinquency Division, feeling that she could make a difference in a child’s life. Her time in the Dependency Division was especially consequential; the weightiness of the decisions that must be made have stayed with her over the years — a child’s life truly is on the line in child welfare cases. Where possible, she tried to make special connections with the children, even dyed her hair pink because she thought the youngsters would enjoy it. Of course, she remembers the heart-wrenching cases where it felt as though there is little the system can do to change the course of a child’s life. But Judge Tesche Arkin held tight to the skills and lessons imparted by her dad — communication, listening, and being fundamentally optimistic. In her newest judicial assignment in the Civil Division, Judge Tesche Arkin sees it as an opportunity to expand her mind, and especially looks forward to those cases with scientific evidence — an obvious ode to her dad. Judge Tesche Arkin ended our time together with a sweet story that intersected her familial and judicial lives. She has fond early childhood memories of going to Native American pueblos with her mother, having lived in New Mexico as a child. She showed off a special Native American bracelet and ring that belonged to her mother, and that she now wears. Judge Tesche Arkin shared a story of travelling to Santa Fe for a judicial conference, wandering into a jewelry store, and noticing a ring that had an uncanny resemblance to hers. After inquiring with the shop owner, she was delighted to learn that the modern version of her 80-year-old ring was made by the grandson of the artist who made hers; she felt a special connection to her mom indeed. Should you get the chance to attend a Tesche Arkin backyard soirée, ask her about her “epic” guacamole, her Native American jewelry, or her butterfly garden — any of which will elicit a warm smile, and plenty to talk about. Until next time . . . Author: Lyndsey E. Siara – Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Want to advertise your business to THOUSANDS OF ATTORNEYS in the Tampa Bay area? Call (813) 221-7777 for information about advertising. M AY - J U N E 2 0 2 0 | HCBA LAWYER 23