HAPI Guide Summer 2017 - Page 6

HEALTH FEATURE ARTICLE S hamanic S ound With Dr. Lauri Shainsky S ix S acred H allmarks of H ealing Bring into your current awareness now your top-of-the-mind issue—what have you been chewing on, deliberating, obsessively reviewing? What rolls and rolls around in your mind day and night? W here do you notice this stirring in your body? Your belly? Your neck? Shoulders? Lower back? How does this issue rise up as emotions in your heart? What deep yearnings in the heart call to you? Given these stirrings, what is calling most to be transformed, healed, manifested? If you could (and we can together!) shift and resolve, build or rebuild, dream into existence a desired state of being and consciousness, what would this be? This is how we begin. In the sound healing studio at Hidden Lake, one on one, in group ceremo- nies, circles, courses. We sit together and wonder, dream about our desired states of being in the sacred container of Hidden Lake, surrounded and supported by the lush, verdant sanctuary that is tucked in the foothills of the Cascades. Welcome to my sound studio, safe, uplifting, full of potential, a launch pad to the divine, our ac- tualized dreams. I greet you with an open heart, 6 | HAPI Guide