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If you can keep your head when all about you others are losing theirs , you just don ’ t understand the situation !” This wryly-amusing commentary on Murphy ’ s Law suggests that panic is the only sane reaction to the chaos around us . While that is one school of thought , another Murphy ’ s Law commentary points out that , “ Nobody notices when things go right .” Certainly not the media , which has a gleeful bias for adrenalin-inducing stories – “ if it bleeds , it leads .”

I ’ m not suggesting we need to be Pollyannaish , but I think there is a sweet spot between cynicism and naïveté . It is all too easy to get sucked into negativity when we read , watch or listen to the news . Staying positive in these times is challenging , but frustration , stress and anger are just not good for us , so it is up to us to flip the switch .
To maintain our equilibrium it helps to know that we are not alone and that there are guides available to us to shine a light through the confusion . In the pages of this magazine – the first under the HAPI Guide brand – you will find positive and life-affirming narrative from our growing community of coaches , healers and teachers . The HAPI acronym accentuates all the positive things we want in our lives – health , abundance , purpose , and inspiration . It is not about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses , because evil and ugliness exist . It is about having the mental and spiritual equilibrium to keep centered and focus on what we can do for a better world . It is about nurturing ourselves and those we love , and simply being kind to others and the planet .
Love and service are beacons of light in the darkness threatening to overwhelm our consciousness . At the end of the day remember that we create the reality around us through our thoughts and actions . Our reality is a reflection of our consciousness . We can choose to see a world of turmoil hurtling toward self-destruction , or we can believe in humanity as a work in progress , needing our contribution to tip the scales to the side of goodness and light .
By all means be passionate in working for change and a better world , but keep yourself fired up by love for what is good and right , rather than anger , which will only consume you . You and your fire are precious . Love is the fuel your spirit uses to light the world .
Thanks and blessings
P . S . For our loyal readers , we will continue to bring you the kind of insights and information you enjoyed in New Consciousness Review and New Connexion , but with a HAPI face
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Miriam Knight Editor & Publisher