Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 19

Do you see Magfed becoming more popular in the coming years? It’s fair to say that Magfed is the middle ground between airsoft and traditional paintball or do you see it differently?

I see Magfed becoming very huge in the coming years. In Canada, paint is extremely expensive. Magfed provides people a way to go out to the field, play on a bag of paint for the day (500 rounds) and have a great time. And with ammo like first strikes, which increase your effective range it makes it a viable strategy to counteract heavy gunners who might be shooting a lot more paint, much more rapidly than you are.

However, I’m not sure I’d call it a middle ground between airsoft and traditional paintball. I don’t see people playing magfed as a transition from traditional to airsoft. Usually once they start in magfed they stick with it. Paintball has always had a milsim side to it with people playing in the woods; having your guns load from magazines is more of a refinement of the old school woodsball than
airsoft having an effect on the course of tournament style paintball.

Ultimately it’s trying to differentiate between shades of grey. Both sports are fake combat,
where you shoot less-lethal rounds at each other and rely on the good-will and honesty for the
other party to call their hits. Whether there’s an actual mark of paint on someone once they’re
hit is a small distinction.