Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 20

Alabaster Slim WHO are you?

The boring answer to this: I’m a 35 year old father
in Toronto Ontario. But really I like to think of
myself as a badass weekend warrior who tears it
up on the paintball field. I’ve been playing paintball for five years, and about four years ago I decided to start making YouTube videos of my games. At the time, nobody was making paintball videos from their vantage point; largely because all you’d see was a giant hopper on the screen. Since I was playing magfed I could finally put a camera right behind the gun and make videos that looked a lot like my favourite video games. I added some special effects to make it match the games even more and the idea took off. In three in a half years I went from nothing to having the largest paintball channel on YouTube in the world, it’s a really cool accomplishment and I’m very excited to see where YouTube and video making can take me next.

What’s your experience with Pyro in the games?

Canada has limited options at the moment, whereas Europe has a much more liberal approach.

I’ve played in Europe three times and each time the pyro has been amazing. The most noteworthy was when I played the Overgrown game in the UK. We used flash bangs as actual grenades, so if they exploded next to you you’d be eliminated.

Being able to cook a grenade, or throw back a live grenade that hadn’t been fully cooked was a ton of fun.