Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 18

Alabaster slim

Why do you choose Magfed over all other types of game format such as normal paintball or Airsoft?

When I first started playing I was looking for a more “milsim” style of paintball than tournament style, I had no idea that airsoft even existed. I knew that realistic guns existed but they still had hoppers on top taking up a lot of space. I started out playing a CQB, a tactical field in Toronto, Ontario. A lot of people there played with “tac-caps”; smaller hoppers which only held 30 rounds at a time and would reload from smaller pods. This limited ammo style of play really appealed to me as I relished the challenge of reloading more often.

Do you have a favourite field or place to hunt foe?

My favourite was always CQB, a local outdoor field in Toronto. Sadly, that field was torn down several years ago, but it was a great place to hang out with people. My favourite now is PRZ (an abandoned hospital in Ontario). The Citadel in France was an amazing field and I’d love to go back and visit it again some time.