Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 8

"these are awesome for when you need smoke fast".

I always also carry the EG thunderflash to accompany my solid-state grenades, sometimes you find yourself in a position particularly when playing woodland when a solid state grenade is completely useless. Who in their right mind is going to throw an £80 grenade out into the woods then spend the rest of the day searching for it when one of the EG bangs will definitely do the job just as well.

Applying a combination of both bangs and smokes with your other teammates is an awesome way to completely dominate an encounter, even if the odds are not in your obviously it looks cool as hell.

Airsofters have a bad reputation for not wanting to get their kit dirty, do you walk around puddles even if it means taking a hit?

You are so correct, I see so many players afraid to get dirty or even get wet, that's ridiculous and it's half the fun. I'm happiest when I'm rolling around crawling through mud, jumping into ditches jumping through windows and generally having a great time. That's what the kit is made for so use and abuse it as intended.