Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 7

Dan how’s it going?

Hi guys, first off I just like to thank you for the interview opportunity, I'm doing great man after a couple of months hiatus from getting out in the field I'm back and this year is already shaping up to be very hectic indeed.

How did you get into Airsoft?

I get asked this one a lot, me and RC-01 got into it by fluke really, he popped into Camden looking to buy a replica shotgun to put on the wall in his garage to go with his Sons of Anarchy chopper motorcycle but when he saw all the other awesome stuff in what I can only describe as the adult version of Toys R Us he dragged me down the following day. That was when I new my wallet was about to be set on fire.

Would you agree you are an ambassador to the sport/game? Did you just take up airsoft from scratch or did you play paintball or are you x-army?

Good question, it seems that somehow I've become known as some kind of ambassador or role model in the airsoft community, in particular the USA, But I prefer the Airsoft rockstar lol. All jokes aside I would say that I'm just a regular guy that enjoys the sport, most definitely the kit and above all the exercise. Once you hit 40+ it's a tough deal trying to keep up with all the youngsters, especially when you have no Knee caps & many other broken bones & old wounds. After a series of serious motorcycle accidents that left me nearly unable to walk. Recovery came after a hard 3 years on crutches, a series of surgeries and massive support from very close friends and family, plus a lot of willpower and shear determination.
I managed to prove the doctor's wrong so it just goes to show that you can do anything if you've got a strong enough mind and surround yourself with positive people. These days I'm now usually in agony after an event I'm so thankful to be able to participate.

PS I’ve never been into paintball, the look of the guns put me off. I have a strong military family background Army & Navy, but obviously due to the motorcycle accidents joining up was right out of the question.

How has Enola Gaye changed your game since using our products?

My game has dramatically changed since using the EG Products I always carry plenty of smokes as they can get you out of some seriously sticky situations, the wire pull burst smokes are what I'm currently loving as they deploy smoke rapid and can give you the advantage. It can either fill an enemy position to enable advanced or quickly provide a smokescreen to help you and your team get the hell out of there if it all comes on top.
My current favs are the EG18 and EG18x's for when you need huge amounts of smoke to cover a large area to create distraction or disorientation, the output of smoke from these things is simply amazing.