Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 9

Most of your counterparts over in the States and Canada don't get to use bangs on a regular basis, Europe is way more accommodating for Airsoft don't you think?

I'm a UK player so I'm lucky we can use thunderflashes as they are awesome and add even more to the whole experience, who doesn't like bangs right?

Do you have a favourite venue or event?

My favourite sites that I've played so far has to be Longmore, Bramley SAS training facility and of course the mighty UCAP sandpit, Airborne Airsoft, Airsoft Internationals Ai500 events, Red One airsoft also have some exciting new things coming up. I'm looking forward to visiting loads more new sites and events this year.

You have a healthy Instagram account, is it just about good pictures or is the hard work done off screen?

I've always been a bit of a perfectionist and thoroughly believe if you're going to do something do it to the best of your ability or don't bother, so I spend a lot of time and effort putting together content on my page that I hope everyone enjoys. A lot of time is spent taking and editing photos not to mention actually finding & sourcing the kit in the first place, this is all behind the scenes work so it's not as easy as a lot of people seem to think. I have received drawings, sketches & patches from other guys in the community from all over the world, and I'd just like to thank every single person who takes the time to sketch one of my pics or comment on my page as it truly is humbling to see. I'm generally overwhelmed by the support and help they give or simply by pressing the like button.

I'm known for my loadouts, I'm constantly looking for new ways to upgrade and keep things fresh I always try to answer & reply to any of the questions and direct messages as I possibly can, but as you can imagine it's impossible to reply to everyone especially as I have a full time job, wife and 6 year old twins to juggle on top of Airsoft, so bear with me guys.

Is there any message you want to put out to the community?

The only messages I'd like to put out there are don't worry about what other players have, do or say. Just concern yourself with how to make the best of the stuff you have & can afford, the fun times you have with the brothers that play alongside you, the new friends you meet along the way and remember not everyone on Instagram / Facebook is a multi-millionaire, a playboy model or a gangster, most of them are just normal people like me but pretend they are some kind of celebrity.

It's a hobby, a sport a game, it's not real life, it's not Afghanistan or Syria so at the end of the day win or lose shake hands have fun and above all else don't be a dick!

Foo Fighter out..