Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 32

EG Grenade Co How we test sound

The images above look a lot worse than they actually are. These pictures show our team testing out 'indoor' versions of our Flash Grenade that we are working hard on to release to market. The tricky thing is that sound does not play by the rules when you have walls to bounce off.

Our Flash Grenade that is currently on the market offers a low frequency boom unlike our MK5 Thunderflash that has an ear piercing crack to it. You can produce a louder noise with a lower frequency by changing the compositions and overall design of the product, which is exactly what we have done with our Flash Grenade.

We are all aware that these products are used in urban locations and each scenario is different to another, but to actually label a product for inside use is an area most manufacturers dare to go.

We are close, real close. These reports produce meter readings of mostly under 120db with just the odd grenade exceeding this. Of course we can not put a specific indoor product to market until every reading is below 120db. To the untrained eye, reducing the decibel levels is childs play, however having a production line that doesn't get this wrong is a different game altogether.

Our lowest noise products are the tricky ones too make, using only half a gram of flash powder opens up a world of trouble trying to keep the noise consistant.

Think about how small half a gram is...and if your measurement is just a fraction out it will give you a noise reading above what you want, then the product fails. Now consider making thousands of the same product without going over or under that weight. Trouble indeed.

Of course we have our methods, but to give you a peek into some of the most simple of problems it starts here with measuring dust weights.

Realistally the sound readings we work from are far different to what you hear. We always test in lab conditions which is the noise thrown out without any objects in the way to reduce the reading. Between the sound meter and the pyro explosion is flat concrete and nothing else.