Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 33

Enola Gaye How we test sound

In nearly every instance that our products are used in real life there will be grass, trees, head gear, goggles and in the rarest of cases ear protection. Taking the most simple obstacle which is grass, the reduction in noise is considerable, add a pair of goggles that cover your ears and you have a massively reduced reading.

But nothing is taken for granted and tests are carried out in lab conditions, this is also of course stipulated by CE which grants our European license for sale.

We take our quality control very serious at Enola Gaye, you could argue we are a tad anal about it, but when you are placing products on the market that are thrown in the direction of people and they explode, you have to be anal. Every batch of product that we manufacure is meticulously inspected and measured before going to batch testing.

You can download a sound meter app on your iPhone or pick one up that looks similar to ours on Amazon for about 50 quid. However if you want to place products on the market, suddenly the price tag changes. Starting at around £2500 and needing a factory calibration every year this all becomes much more of a serious matter.

We now have three of these meters in use around the world constantly checking manufacturing lines, batch testing and CE testing. Leaving one of these out in the rain or knocking one off it's pedistal is no laughing matter, but both lessons have been learnt from experience.

New bangs coming in 2016.

Indoor Flash Grenade 0.5, Flash Grenade 3.0 which is a 3 gram version of our current 1 gram product. The new
version has a Wire Pull ignition. MK7 Thunderflash which is over 5 times more powerful than our current MK5.