Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 31

Watching your YouTube Vlogs you appear to me a master linguist, do you ever get tongue tied?

Hahaha. While I am admittedly pretty good when it comes to being on camera, or publicly speaking…that doesn’t mean I can’t epically fail like the best of them. Sometimes, my brain just goes way to fast for my speech centers…and literally…gibberish will just come out of my mouth for a few tries before I slow down and really concentrate on what I’m trying to say. I think that’s a very human thing to have happen; we all get that way at times. It’s the price we pay for being able to do more than just hit a coconut with a rock.

Is there any message you want to put out to the community?

Remember to keep having fun. Airsoft and milsim is replication of something serious, taken out of context, in order to game-ify it for sport/pleasure. It’s an activity that promotes friendships and athletic health. Far too often do I see individuals who forget this and who overstep the boundaries of what airsoft should be.

Just keep your goals in an appropriate place: airsoft/milsim can be an activity that inspires you to think more and physically train harder; to give you a hobby in gear collection or use; to promote the expansion of your interpersonal skills and meet new people. Or ¬– you can lose sight of all that and begin to think you’re on the same level as those who walk the line of violence for our protection, for real; to become exclusionary to groups of people based on their passions or gear-collections.

It’s a matter of perspective: airsoft can be fun, or it can make you look like a fool. Choose the former.

Keep having fun playing airsoft, keep being good community members – and defend what you love.

Robo Murray