Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 30

How has Enola Gaye changed your game since using our products?

I’d have to say that EG has improved my game by leaps and bounds. I mean – there is only so much the human body can do alone: I can only be SO fast, or crawl SO low, or spot my enemies SO quickly…before you can’t physically achieve more. Smoke and concealment is a solution to problems in geometric space that speed and physicality cannot overcome alone. Sometimes, the only solution is to distract the enemy, or obscure their view of the landscape.

It’s the difference in a lot of cases between the success of a movement or attack, and the utter failure of it.

irsofters have a bad reputation for not wanting to get their kit dirty, do you walk around puddles even if it means taking a hit?

Nope, never. I’m actually pretty set in my opinion on this matter: when I buy kit – it’s to be used, not nurtured. I understand where the adversity comes from, however; a lot of the higher end kit cost a pretty penny…so some people who buy it want to coddle their kit because they spent so much money on it. But for me – the investment has been made not in a name, or a particular model…it’s been made in what that kit can do for me to enhance or support my physical play style.

So whether it be rain, mud, snow, etc. – if I’m in the field to play, I’m playing…not worrying about getting my kit dirty or ripped or destroyed. All of that is just a byproduct of the game…and if I was worried about my kit while doing that – then maybe I shouldn’t have spent so much money on kit.

Most of your events are played in the USA where thunder flash are usually under the counter sales have you ever played in Europe where bangs have been a part of the game for nearly 20 years?

I have not played at anything over in Europe, unfortunately; haven’t traveled out that far yet. But I have watched a lot of the media that comes out of that area…and have always been envious of flash/sound distraction device use. I just think the use of those devices is that extra step in realism, when it comes to airsoft. When we compare airsoft to real-world tactical situations…we can only go so far before we hit a wall. We can’t use real flashbangs, because those are far too dangerous. But using thermobaric devices and the like – get us close. And close is usually enough, in my books.

Do you have a favourite venue or event?

Currently, my favorite facility, and therefore event, is GTI’s JOC complex in Barnwell, South Carolina, USA, which is where American Milsim’s Faded Giant is held. It’s a decommissioned, sterile nuclear fuel processing plant…and it is epic. A close second would be the Playas Research and Training Center in Playas, New Mexico, USA – which is an abandoned mining town turned special ops/LE training facility. It’s like fighting in a suburb in the middle of a desert; it’s pretty rad.