Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 29

Would you agree you are an ambassador to the sport/game?

Well – this is where my friends would yell at me for being to humble: honestly, I see myself just as any other person trying their best to make their passions the best they can be for themself and others. But at the same time, I’m realistic about what my position has come to be…I understand that I now sit in a spot in this activity where a lot of people pay attention to what I do – so there is a part of me that takes advantage of the stage I have found myself on…and I try my best to project the best messages to other about the sport, and about life in general.

At some point in the future – like all things in life ¬– whatever I am in this sport will all come to an end. So I figure if I can help change people who look up to me for the better, while I am what I am to them…then I guess yes, I see myself as an ambassador.

Is it a sport or game, does that matter?

To be honest – I don’t really even care generally to argue between the two. A lot of people get so caught up in arguing minute points like this, and they forget to actually go out and play the game instead of being an armchair general all the time.

If we look at it across a broad spectrum: airsoft is just a game ¬– but so is football. Football, much like airsoft, becomes a sport when you put more into it than just getting some of your friends together for a casual game of pickup over beers in the park. If you train hard, dedicate your time to both learning and progressing skills in the activity, and participate on a national level to some degree – airsoft is just as much a sport as any classically defined one.