Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 28

Canada's Finest
Robo Murray, airsofter, instagrammer but probably best know for his honest approach to airsoft through his YouTube channel Robo Murray Airsoft and his pew pew time. Rob appeared on our radar several years ago and after sitting down with him in a coffee shop in Toronto it became apparant that he was going to be Enola Gaye's 1st ambassador of airsoft. Rob's personality is infectious from the very first sip of coffee.

Rob how’s it going?

Things are going very well. I’m happy, albeit a bit tired due to my hectic schedule. But honestly – I’d rather be happy in success and adventure than rested in failure and boredom. I’ve got a steady “adulting-career”, a few hobbies that I enjoy dearly, and good friends and family around me; what more can a person on this floating rock want.


Other Skills (outside airsoft): I work for a large data-security corporation; I hold a Graphic Design college diploma and run my own apparel design company (; I workout and run; and I am interested in the studies of Astronomy and Cosmology.

How did you get into Airsoft?

Airsoft was sort of something I just stumbled into a bit. I guess it goes all the way back to being a gamer all my life, from a very young age. I was super into FPS games like Wolfenstein and Doom back in the day…and that sort of evolved to a tactical level when the first Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six (both novel and PC game) came out. Pairing that, with my interest in Law Enforcement (my uncle was a career cop; I was pretty much set up to go down that path…just didn’t – last minute academic choice)…I found a passion for all things tactical. In my teens – I got really into paintball, as at the time, in Canada, it was really the only thing close to the games I was playing digitally.

Fast forward to after I was done with College/University: I had gotten a semi-good adult-job, and was earning enough money to branch out and pick up hobbies again (things you couldn’t enjoy as a starving student). I was looking into paintball, when I suddenly remembered seeing an “Airsoft” G36 on a wall at local surplus store.

Looking into it more – I pretty much fell in love with Airsoft on sight: I could physically take part in an activity that was much like playing Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, etc. ¬– yet, with all the athletic elements that I enjoyed as a person. It was a match made in heaven. It’s pretty much been an obsession since.