Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 15

GM> Trudy why Magfed PB?

The reason we all love the magfed scene above any other is greatly down to the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is willing to help, you never feel unwelcome and all players have a friendly competitive attitude. People who turn up alone are quickly welcomed and become part of the family.

The realism and marker styles and the skill play a big part, you have to line up a perfect shot when playing a limited ammo and have to think about reloading after every mag which keeps the game high paced. There’s no better feeling than lining a perfect shot and watching the player walk away eliminated

GM> Where do you guys usually play?

In terms of venue, we have faction leads at Urban Paintball’s Black Hawk Down2 and Mayhem’s big game this year. Our favourite places to play include ‘Overgrown’ which is the magfed big game in October played out in buildings and open areas, it’s an excellent all round event that runs for a full weekend.

We also love the craziness of The Stan which is an abandoned tool factory, very close and intense….great with the EG18 smoke grenades and MK5 flashes :)
We pretty much adapt to any surroundings and love to play whatever the weather. Our local walk-on is every month at Mayhem Abridge, this has to be one of my favourite sites because of the variety of fields.

When we aren't playing, me and a few of the other guys pick up the camera for some field photography. The game pictures are posted up onto social media to help promote magfed and the venues and players involved, as a whole, these photos are all free of charge. We also help out at events and online with promo and tech etc. There is now a sister team ‘The Daybreak Assassins’ which we built so that the initial team didn’t get too big.