Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 14

Magfed poses a risk to paintball, it stirs the people that have become settled and it ever so slightly shakes the safe foundations that paintball is built on. No one wants to purposely put paintball at risk, but as any good business owner will tell you, without risk, you gain nothing. Magfed, may not be swelling the numbers of rental players coming through the gates at your local paintball field, but there is a chance that it is plugging the leak that shrinks the community each year.

Why is it risky? No hopper, more realism, the RIF thing?

I'm a big believer of risk,
I think that Airsoft is risqué,
it is everything every pacifist
loathes, however it is popular and
gathering pace at an
unprecedented speed.
It crosses guns laws and complicates things, but it's also pure indulgence. And it's that indulgence that’s the main attraction.

Before we completely write off paintball we should take a look at the new kids on the block 'Magfed', well newish, you could argue the very first paintball guns were magfed, but for the sake of recent trends we shall consider magfed as new.

From here i'm going to hand this over to the organisers and the players to give a true perspective of where this is going.

Magfed Team – Deadly Epidemic

This team started as a 3 man outfit several years ago which has grown into a 14 man strong unit that has attendance at nearly all magfed events throughout the UK. In contradiction to the opening sentence this it is not a 14 man strong unit as the captain and is Trudy Overell a well-known female player on the circuit.