Grenade Magazine Issue 2 | Page 16


GM: What's your beef with normal paintball mate?

JB: We run both style events to cater for all our players. We find it's best to keep the two styles separate as normal paintball are looking for a hard hitting intense game. Mag Fed players still like the intense action but prefer the more tactical\milsim side of paintball.

GM: Is magfed something you're looking to build on?

JB: We have games in the pipeline at the moment, but because the style is quite new in the UK it's still growing. This has led to an influx of games that has saturated the market. We feel adding a lot more games this year would damage the style so have delayed our other games till next year.

GM: Out of interest what's the score with players turning up with hoppers and a wagon full of paint, do you let them play?

JM: Due to the style still growing you have to allow limited paint players (tube, 50 cap hopper, so on) to increase the numbers at games. We allow a maximum of 250 balls on the field at a time and they must not use a feed system larger than 50 balls. This is regulated all day at the game area entrance to catch anyone trying to break the rules.

GM: So is it cheaper to play a day of magfed paintball or do you bump up the game fees as you make no profits from selling paint?

JM: This was our first magfed game (Black Hawk Down) so we kept the prices the same as standard paintball. Yes we don't make the same margins as standard paintball but we are looking into costs for future events at the moment.

GM: You run a pretty awesome paintball field near London (Blind Fire), do you plan on offering Magfed to rental customers or is it for the purists only?
JM: At the moment we do not have the equipment to offer Magfed to our customers but it may be an area that we look at in the future.