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With such a great number , the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders in the last APEC 2015 Summit called for intensifying efforts for MSMEs in order for them to be competitive in the global market . Along with this movement towards advancement , we should not forget that every activity comes with consequential environmental impacts .
For example , having a restaurant includes operations that directly affects the environment ; from food preparations , to serving , to discarding food waste , these activities contribute to environmental disturbance . A restaurant or a small cafe generates a significant amount of food waste , and when these wastes are not properly managed , it could pave way to an environmental hygiene problem . That in itself could affect the restaurant ’ s reputation and in turn , the restaurant would lose revenue . Other activities like washing food material , defrosting , cooking , and washing kitchen equipment inside a restaurant generate wastewater – the existence of this situation calls for a need to apply for a discharge permit and comply with the conditions specified in the license . A discharge permit is to be filed by any establishment that has a water pollution source . If you want to make your trade a “ green restaurant ”, make sure you implement proper waste reduction measures and impart the same message to their target audience .
Another example is the vehicle repair industry which involves handling of waste chemicals . To ensure environmental compliance , they must register first as a hazardous waste generator and have their waste treated and transported . Keep waste batteries in an upright position to avoid spillage and do not store in places of high temperature to avoid case ruptures .
With all the extra work when it comes to maintenance and environmental permitting , MSMEs often wonder if it ’ s going to be worth all the trouble . But before we say no , let ’ s think of the reason why we are in the trade that we have chosen . MSMEs rely on the resources that they have to make bank , and it ’ s all for saving for the future and the future generations . But any trade wont be able to succeed if it is not sustainable and any non-sustainable trade won ’ t be able to get handed down to the next generation .
So is earning money at the expense of the next generation worth it ? No . With the advancements of today ’ s technology , it is not impossible to be a green advocate and at the same time maintain a beneficial trade for you and the next generation to come .