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The Green Hero Pollution Control Officer A Pollution Control Officer or PCO is an important asset of the company when it comes to your environmental compliance. They are your go-to person that will help your company see through the necessary environmental permitting and other documents to secure and submit to the Environmental Management Bureau. That being said, PCOs are the green heroes that help both the agency and the establishment in a harmonious relationship. What is a PCOs purpose? A PCOs main purpose is to make sure that the national policy of maintaining a reasonable quality of the environment is carried out. Who needs a PCO? Any establishments that discharge solid, liquid, or gaseous wastes to the environment or trades that have activities, products, or services with sources of land, water, or air pollution. Do you have an MRF? Waste water discharge? Generators? Hazardous wastes? You’ll need to assign a PCO. © 2016 EMB ECAC All Rights Reserved  LGUs  Development Authorities  Government-owned & Controlled Corporations  Other Public Establishments GREEN ADVOCATE SEPTEMBER 2016 | 5