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Is Earning Money at the Expense of the Next Generation Worth It? Why MSMEs should be worried about Environmental Compliance As of 2014, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority, there are 946,988 establishments in the Philippines. Of the total number of MSMEs, 90.3% (851,756) are micro enterprises, 9.3% (87,283) are small enterprises, and 0.4% (3,886) are medium enterprises. In 2014, majority of the 942, 925 MSMEs are in the wholesale and retail trade while 437, 205 are in the business establishments. Coming in third is the accommodation and food services trade at 127, 518. With this bulk, we can conclude that MSMEs carry a large percentage of pollution sources. © 2016 EMB ECAC All Rights Reserved GREEN ADVOCATE SEPTEMBER 2016 | 3