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Welcome to Green Advocate’s first issue! Green Advocate is the Environmental Compliance Assistance Center’s (ECAC) first e-magazine. Previously conceptualized as a newsletter, the idea of delivering an interactive magazine was born. As an assistance center, we feel the importance of bringing the updates to you first hand. What’s so different about this e-magazine and going to the EMB ECAC website? Green Advocate brings you a concise summary of EMB news, updates, events, new policies and regulations at the convenience of its compactness. Bring Green Advocate with you everywhere and access them on your phone, iPADs or tablets. You also have the option to subscribe to get the latest issues the moment it drops. Why ‘Green Advocate’? We associate the color green with the feeling of renewal, rebirth, harmony and growth. It is also the first color we pick whenever we think of the environment. As for our center’s advocacy, The Environmental Management Bureau’s mission is to protect, restore and enhance environmental quality towards good public health, environmental integrity and economic vitality and in line with this, it is the Environmental Compliance Assistance Center’s goal to assist various sectors of the Philippine industry in their environmental compliance. It is also our goal to influence MSMEs, LGUs, and the education sector to adopt the green advocacy as their social responsibility and to be our partners in the safe-guarding of our environment while we walk the path to a more advanced Philippines. Happy Reading! Zyn Villanueva Information Officer | Editor, Writer, Layout Design © 2016 EMB ECAC All Rights Reserved GREEN ADVOCATE SEPTEMBER 2016 | ii