Great Britain Hockey 93026 GBH Talent Development Framework Booklet - Page 19

Attacking Principle The best option to go forward and score Defensive Principle Stop their go forward by denying space There is an appreciation that moment by moment a Principle could flicker from one to another with any given circumstance. Players that understand the Principles of the Game can link these to the decisions they make on the pitch. Often the best players can single out and execute the appropriate skill action based on a Principle of the Game in an unconscious reaction to what they see happening in front of them. How the Principles of the Game be used? • To provide a framework for key questions for players and coaches to: – Help understand what are you trying to achieve as an individual. – Help understand what are you trying to achieve as a team. • As a coach, how you ask questions/communicate with a team and individuals. • Support the development of practice design – i.e. what are the problems you are trying to solve that relate back to the game? 19