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NWAS - Potential industrial ballot
Trade unions in North West Ambulance Service have raised issues with the employer around a new procedure which has been implemented around the utilisation of ambulance crews . Ambulances are being sent to category 2 emergency calls ( heart attacks , strokes , seizures and burns etc ) which can in some instances , be a travelling distance of 40 minutes away .
While some discussions have taken place with the employer – the employer is reluctant to fully revoke this procedure . The GMB branch has begun conducting a consultative ballot of the affected membership to collect information for a potential industrial action ballot .
GMB North West NHS GMB union workplace domestic violence initiative
A GMB-led initiative is coming to fruition around domestic violence within the workplace – and this has directed North West NHS Social Partnership Forum accepting a TU-formulated document about domestic violence in the workplace ( and contains the GMB Domestic Violence Charter ). Funding is now being sourced for this initiative and consideration on how best this can be shared with all North West NHS Trusts .
GMB has recently signed up to a new recognition agreement with Suez waste management in Manchester ( formerly Viridor ). A number of non u nion members have been recruited to GMB following the TUPE transfer of staff from Manchester Waste to Viridor .
Our new Convenor , John Januscak , is doing a fantastic job since stepping into the role and along with our 13 Reps at Suez worked hard to secure this agreement . As restrictions on access are lifted GMB Organiser Karen Lewis and our team of Reps are looking forward to recruiting across all sites and increasing GMB membership .
Armagh , Banbridge and Craigavon
Management in Waste were seeking to end the staggered start times which Trade Unions have challenged as we believe this could lead to a staff gathering around clock in machines etc and more importantly cause a potential health and safety risk .
Thankfully discussions have led to a resolution and this matter was resolved .
Our lead rep Kieran McParland has been involved for over a year and with pressure from the Branch ABC council are now ready to proceed with their involvement with the Mental Health Charter and to fully sign up to it . This included training of 12 mental health champions . We have 3 reps recognised now as Mental Health champions within ABC .
No other union within ABC have that level of recognition within their branches .
Kieran and his team have also agreed with management to look to implement a menopause policy .
Manchester City Council GMB union demand council consult staff for hybrid working
Manchester City Council council is still moving towards a hybrid working model which has caused issues for GMB members , especially due to the announcement that they will only have 4 desks for 10 workers ( which was agreed at this year ’ s budget ).
A meeting was held which did not consider members who do not wish to work under hybrid working conditions for a multitude of reasons , not just contractual . The Head of HR stated that they do not need to consult with staff for hybrid working .
The officer totally disagreed with this assumption and asked for the legal advice that backs this . They said they will look at it again and discuss further at the next meeting .
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