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session will explore the nature and scope of forced and child marriage in the U.S., the complex cultural and social dynamics driving this form of abuse, and the systemic gaps that put individuals at risk. Participants will identify the warning signs of forced marriage and best practices for screening and responding to challenging cases. Particular focus will be given to the specific legal and practical hurdles experienced by minors facing forced and coercive marriage in Georgia and the current law which allows child marriage to occur in the state. Parthenon 1 & 2  First, Do No Harm: Trauma Informed Interviewing Dalia Racine, J.D. Traumatic crimes can impact victims in any number of ways, some obvious and some less so, and each victim’s response to trauma is unique to that individual. In order to keep victims safe and engaged throughout the criminal justice process, allied professionals must interact with victims in ways that consider the physical and emotional effects of trauma. Interviewers must understand more common responses to trauma that result from these effects and appreciate the impact of trauma on the victim’s ability to recall and recount details of the traumatic event. This presentation will identify barriers to successful interviews and explore techniques for overcoming them. The presenter will explain how a traditional fact-gathering approach to interviewing can be counterproductive or even harmful to the victim and to the investigation. Alternative approaches to interviewing and questioning will be identified and analyzed for their potential to minimize re-traumatization and enhance our ability to recreate the reality of the crime at trial. An emphasis will be placed on integrating a trauma informed response from the first contact with a victim through the conclusion of the case, with realistic goals for interviews and meetings at every stage of the process. Workshops B (2:00 PM - 3:30 PM)   Athena A-E The Voiceless Documentary Screening and Q&A  Vanessa McNeal This internationally recognized and award winning film features the stories of five male survivors of sexual violence. The documentary discusses the intersectionality between culture, masculinity, stereotypes, and the impact that sexual violence has on men. Olympia 2 Addressing Family Violence and Sexual Assault through State Policy Change  Helen Robinson State-level policy is an essential tool for addressing family violence and sexual assault in Georgia, and conference participants have a unique role to play in the policy change process. This workshop will focus on effective strategies for how participants can inform key policy debates utilizing their on-the-ground experience and issue expertise, in order to ensure that policies accurately reflect the issues and support survivors. An interactive presentation will cover tips for monitoring relevant state legislation, engaging direct service providers and survivors in the legislative process, and year-round strategies for educating policymakers and assisting in the implementation of new policies. The workshop will include a comprehensive overview of state legislation from the 2019 Georgia General Assembly session with real world case studies, as well as discussion to prepare for key issues on the horizon for the 2020 session.    Parthenon 1  The Intersection of Domestic Violence and Substance Abuse  Joshua Nation 8