GCVF 2019 Conference 2019 Conference Manual Draft | Page 10

This workshop is designed to explore the linkage between domestic violence and substance abuse. As FVIP providers seek to address systemic patterns of violence in relationships, they are often confronted and confounded by the role that substance abuse plays in these complex relationships. Taking time to better understand substance abuse and the importance of linking individuals to appropriate treatment services is critical in sustaining long-term progress toward non-violence. This workshop seeks to provide attendees with a working knowledge of addiction and its impact on violent behavior, updates on recovery resources and best practices, and how to navigate successfully discussing treatment with batterers. Targeted for Domestic Violence Advocates, Victim Advocates, and FVIPs. Parthenon 2  Forced & Child Marriage: Advanced Safety Planning and Opportunities for Policy Advocacy (Part II)  Casey Carter Swegman and Hellitz Villegas This workshop builds upon the earlier workshop Understanding Forced and Child Marriage in the United States. Participants will learn advanced best practices for responding to individuals at risk and survivors of forced and child marriage including risk assessment and safety planning for complex cases involving minors, the threat of overseas travel and those with an immigration dynamic. Participants will workshop real world case scenarios and be given best practice tools to guide intervention efforts. An overview of the available forms of immigration, civil and criminal legal remedies and support resources for individuals facing forced marriage will also be provided. This workshop will conclude with an overview of the opportunities for policy advocacy to prevent child marriage in Georgia.                                         9