GCVF 2019 Conference 2019 Conference Manual Draft | Page 11

Tuesday, September 10, 2018  8:30 - 9:00 am  Athena A-E  Conference Remarks and Awards  9:00-10:30 am  Athena A-E  Melissa Jeltsen, Keynote  10:30-10:45 am  Break  10:45-12:15 pm  Workshops C  Athena F  Athena G/H  Safety Planning  Masculinity and  for Everyone:  Violence  Basic Tips to  Perpetration:  Safety Planning  What do we  with Survivors for  know?   the Non-Advocate    Athena I/J  Identifying,  Understanding,  Protecting, and  Servicing Sex  Trafficking  Victims   Olympia 2  Georgia’s Child  Abuse Registry –  Protecting  Survivors from the  Risks of the  Registry  12:15-1:45 pm  Athena A-E  Lunch  1:45-2:00 pm  Break  2:00-3:30 pm  Workshops D  Athena F  Athena G/H  Forensic Medical  Enhancing Your  Exams: What  Community’s  Advocates, Law  Response to  Enforcement and  Domestic  Prosecutors Need  Violence  to Know  Murder-Suicide    Athena I/J  The Use of  Technology to  Stalk    Parthenon 1  Know More,   Do More:  Investigating and  Responding to  Stalking  Parthenon 2  TPO Court  Road Trip:  Best  Practices  Based on  Observation  and  Experience  Olympia 2  Parthenon 1  Parthenon 2  Leveraging Federal  Working with Victims  Family  Criminal Law to  of Domestic Violence  Violence  Enhance  from  Intervention  Community Safety:  Underrepresented  Program  Federal-State  Immigrant  Rules  Partnerships on DV  Communities  (Part I)  3:45-5:15 pm  Workshops E  Athena F  Investigating  Animal Abuse  and Domestic  Violence   Athena G/H  Athena I/J  Olympia 2  Parthenon 1  Parthenon 2  Racial Justice  Engaging Teens  Georgia Division of  Providing Competent  Family  and White  in the Work to  Child Support  Care to LGBTQ  Violence  Aspiring Allyship  Prevent Dating  Services Overview  Survivors   Intervention  in the Domestic  Violence    Program  Violence    Rules  Movement    (Part II))    5:30 pm - 6:30 pm  Athena A-E  Silver Lining Celebration  10