Field Installation and Service Manual IMS124 - Page 4

Typical Drawer Hardware Drill Patterns for Wide Drawers Typical Drawer Hardware Drill Patterns For Drawers with Single Knobs For Drawers with Pulls CL CL 36” or Greater 8” 8” CL CL For Drawers with Knobs CL CL For Drawers with Pulls CL 1.6 Drawer pulls are centered in height and width of the drawer space. The exception is in the case of 36” or wider drawers. These drawers will take two pulls or knobs each and are to be centered in height starting 8” in from each end. Step 2 Installing 2.0 Installing door and drawer hardware is a repetitive task. The simplest way to install multiple pieces of door and drawer hardware without a lot of redundant movement is to break down the task into three steps and perform each until finished. 2.1 Prepare the hardware and screws. Unwrap any pieces that are wrapped and collect the correct length screws. Field Tip: If you are using a jig with several hole layout patterns to layout the hardware, cover any ex- tra holes on the jig that you are not using with tape or a screw cap. The jig will help you drill the doors quickly and accurately. When you are moving quickly, it is very easy to drill through an extra hole by mistake and ruin a door or drawer front. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 124 4