Field Installation and Service Manual IMS108 - Page 3

Square End Cuts Use a Square End Cut at a fl at 90 degree point such as where the molding will stop at a wall or side. Always trim a 90 degree cut to the end of the molding piece before measuring the cut length. The factory cuts are usually not square enough for crown or trim work. 108 Splice Cuts Make splice cuts with the molding fl at against the fence and with the saw angled at 22 1/2 degrees. This will allow for the smallest cut where one can still lap its counterpart. Place the splice along a natural break in the cabine- try lines that is not within 18” of an end. When possible, plan the direction of the overlap so that it angles away from high traffi c areas of the kitchen. Inside and Outside Corner Cuts Most crown cuts will be inside or outside corner cuts. These cuts are the most critical because they require accurate measurement and marking, and also depend on accurate placement in the saw between the fence and table. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 108 3