Field Installation and Service Manual IMS102 - Page 12

Step 6 Locating and Marking the Exact Stud Centers at Cabinet Locations Cabinets must be anchored to studs in order to retain the strength needed to last for years. This is especially true for wall cabinets that must hang from the wall supporting their own weight as well as the weight of the items they will hold. It is critical that cabinet anchors are driven into the center of the stud for this reason, where it will retain the strongest hold. This task is more diffi cult now since many builders are adopting stud placements of 24” instead of the traditional 16” on center (O/C) for walls where cabinets will be installed. 6.1 Utilize a stud sensor tool that can accurately determine the edges and center of a stud. Locate the stud slightly above the Wall Cabinet Index Line or below the Base Cabinet Index Line. Once the center is determined, trans- fer the line where it is visible when a cabinet is in position and label it as a stud location. 6.2 If you cannot determine the edges accurate- ly, test a stud location with a small nail and hammer to confi rm where the edges of the stud actually are. This technique should only be used to accurately locate the edges once a stud is found. Do not use a hammer and nail to initially locate a stud. ©2017 PCS Professional Cabinet Solutions. All Rights Reserved. Section 1: IMS 102 12