Fete Lifestyle Magazine May 2021 - Heroes Issue | Page 70

to wealth, access to safe neighborhoods, and access to basic needs. Despite institutionalized racism, Black Men have made a way to provide for their families. The examples of my father, grandfathers, father-in-law, husband, uncles, and friends who I call my brothers, are a testament to the greatness of Black Men and why they are my heroes.

Black Men are thinkers and innovators. The Black Men I grew up around including my father, grandfathers, uncles, and cousins demonstrated bravery and leadership. Most of the men in my family were entrepreneurs because they learned early that ownership creates the access to wealth. My father owned a construction company, my uncles owned a seafood restaurant, my father-in- law owned a men's clothing store, and my husband owns a home healthcare agency. What I learned from the Black Men in my family is that ownership creates opportunity that allows you to provide for your family.

Black Men are excellent fathers and teachers. My father and husband have been my rock and exemplify moral integrity. Commitment to family is the priority. The men in my family and the men I call my brothers are role models of honesty, loyalty, and hard work. Black Men uplift their women with respect and honor. They have been gifted with the enormous responsibility of teaching and protecting Black children. Providing education about Black Heroes across generations that have prevailed and achieved in all areas of science, business, sports, politics, literature, music and art, is the foundation to believing in yourself. What I learned from the Black Men in my community is that education and inspiration creates infinite possibilities.

Photo Credit Adeolu Eletu

Father-in-law and husband

Phillip & Marc Montgomery