Fete Lifestyle Magazine June 2021 - Travel Issue | Page 39

Our first stop was CADE, atop Howell Mountain where the estate appeared to be a part of nature itself, welcoming us with open arms. The serene setting with a panoramic view of not just Howell Mountain, but the numerous mountain ranges as far as the eye can see and vibrant wildflowers blooming in the foreground, augmented the white and red wine selections described by our personal sommelier. With superior wines led by head winemaker Danielle Cyrot, and an ambiance seemingly unparalleled, the sights, sounds, and tastes will remain with us permanently.

Next was Hall Winery, a long-established estate, whose vast vineyards and well-manicured grounds served a red Zinfandel that still makes my mouth water. Headed by Catherine Hall, a powerhouse in politics and wine, and Senior Winemaker Alison Hollister, and their team, they provide the solid foundation upon which this vineyard is grown. And the stories behind the wines are as interesting as the wines themselves, but never overpower the delightfully relaxed environment overlooking the still recovering mountain range.

No Napa trip is complete without a biking wine tour which, thanks to Napa Valley Bike Tours, allowed us to find and cherish boutique wineries such as Bell where the knowledge and expertise of the guides gave us a deeper understanding and appreciation of what it takes to grow healthy and sustainable vineyards. Those striking roses planted at the ends of each row of vines isn’t just an aesthetic, it’s a pest predictor which can result in saving an entire crop.

Elyse winery, a stop along our bicycle tour route and off the beaten trail, brought about a sensory experience like no other, eliciting evocative memories through both the wine’s bouquet and taste. Wiping away the tears and surprised at my reaction to The Big O —no, not that one, it’s the name of the wine—Elyse will be an indelible experience from Napa.