Fete Lifestyle Magazine June 2021 - Travel Issue | Page 38

Photo Credit Armando Castillejos


The Women of California

Wine Country

By Pamela Powell

he Covid-19 pandemic

appears to be winding

down which means travel

is gearing up. While traveling abroad may still be out of reach, we can certainly enjoy some treasures in our own “backyard.” The California Wine Country is that proverbial backyard, providing some of the most deliciously gorgeous settings whether you enjoy just relaxing or going full-tilt adventure.

My daughter, Kelsey, and I recently ventured to Napa and Sonoma, where we introduced to amazing wines, delicious food and the ever-increasing number of females are at the helm of vineyards and winemaking, hidden gems, both large estate and artisanal boutique.

After leaving the chill of San Francisco behind, the landscape of this pristine area is quickly changing and while Mother Nature has had a heavy hand in that with drought and devastating wildfires, women have lent a positive hand in changing the view.