Fete Lifestyle Magazine June 2021 - Travel Issue | Page 40



Kimia Khalvati was born raised in Chicago. Her Persian and Irish roots add to the eclectic influence on lifestyle and career. Throughout her professional career as fitness training professional and health coach, she delivers a vast knowledge of sustainable living techniques. Catering to a multi-dimensional clientele base she believes in many platforms of growth. Kimia is now evolving as an actress now featured in the Netflix drama, BLACK AND PRIBILEGED. Every mind deserves different avenues of growth and longevity.

Zipping over the Mayacamas Mountain Range to Sonoma, brought us to a not-yet-opened winery, Harrow Cellars, created by Angelina Mondavi. Mondavi, a recognizable name in the wine industry, takes her family legacy and adds to it with her own vineyard. Sitting with her among her Zinfandel vines, Mondavi regaled us with tales of her family, her endeavors, and, with excitement, her plans for Harrow Cellars. Peter Mondavi, Angelina’s grandfather and mentor, would be filled with pride at the promise of velvety rich Zinfandel to be served in the coming year.

No tour of wine country is complete without food, and there’s no better place to stop than Folktable at Cornerstone Sonoma. With an open-air dining spot rivaled by none, Head Chef Casey Thompson and Chef de Cuisine Melanie Wilkerson have, during the pandemic, opened a thriving, unique carry-out dining experience. With relaxing restrictions, dine-in options are now available. Think take-out food, but with exceptional gourmet twists making tater tots and fried chicken or cucumber salad more than a meal; it’s an experience. Every dish elicited body-melting reactions, smiles, and audible moans reminiscent of “When Harry Met Sally.”

With full belly we traveled to De Loach winery located on the northern end of Sonoma where we met Assistant Wine Maker Katie Carter. Balancing her new life as a mom during a pandemic, Katie, a winemaker with a degree in biology, excitedly shared the De Loach history and the outlook for the future as they incorporate both organic and biodynamic farming practices. Of course, the unique artistic twist and scientific power that Carter imbues upon the process gives these wines a sense of wonder.