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R E S E A R C H AT I O B IOB going global Through consultations and planning sessions with our long-term partners in Africa, Central America and Asia, IOB has developed a vision of its future as a Northern-based development studies institute with strong global partnerships. Through the ‘Going Global’ programme, we aim to globalize our education, research and societal outreach activities, by forging 11                        long-term structural cooperation with Southern partners and academics. The globalization of our Master programmes involves organizing modules of our programmes in different regional hubs. Overview of different cooperation modalities within the Going Global Programme Joint programme Joint programme Nicaragua Nicaragua IOB: Johan Bastiaensen ([email protected]) Synergy Synergy platform platform Tanzania Tanzania Joint module DR Congo Guest lecture Staff mobility DR Congo Philippines Mobility window UCB: Kamala Kaghoma ([email protected]) IOB: Marijke Verpoorten ([email protected]) Philippines Staff mobility Mobility window Mzumbe University : Mursali Milanzi ([email protected]) IOB: Nathalie Holvoet ([email protected]) Joint module Guest lecture Nitlapán: Selmira Flores ([email protected] and Pierre Merlet ([email protected]) CBMS: Celia Reyes ([email protected]) IOB: German Calfat ([email protected]) Ecuador Alumni seminars Ecuador Dissertation mobility Alumni seminars Universidad de Cuenca: Andrea Neira ([email protected]) IOB: Germán Calfat ([email protected]) Dissertation mobility More info? E xchange to change M ay 2017